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  1. Since 2days I am having very much trouble to reload gold by my paypal account. Before then I had made many reload with same account, details and same paypal... since 2days it keeps showing me transaction failed. But suddenly Today I could make 2 successful transaction by same paypal .. from after few minutes of that I am still getting transaction failed.. Gold support agent really untrained about this issue. they are unable to sole it and answer me something good... Can anyone help me to solve it??? Note: my account details, email, country and paypal account details are not same.

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    Hi Official.GAMINGwithJOY,
    It seems like you have contacted the support agent for issues. Have you tried other method to reload the zGold such as other payment system? Or maybe you can try out paypal account details that have the same with your account details incase the system cross-check to avoid fraud.

    Kindly submit a ticket to Razer Gold Support Team by clicking the link below:
    You can reach the Razer Gold LiveChat support from at the right side.(if available/visible to you)
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