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What do you do for a living besides gaming?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by jedramos, May 19, 2020.

  1. jedramos

    jedramos Active Member

    I'm a freshmen IT student and working on my graphic designing specially in vector arts wby?
  2. Sapphire629

    Sapphire629 New Member

    I work on a convenience store and saving up for a streaming set up!
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  3. NitroPlus78

    NitroPlus78 New Member

    Still looking for a opportunity :slightly_sad: wish i could find the one for me im getting tired of gaming all day lol
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  4. hugopereira100

    hugopereira100 New Member

    Was supposed to work in summer festivals, but this pandemic made it a bit difficult since everything got cancelled.
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  5. TheElite65

    TheElite65 New Member

    hope this pandemic comes to an end i miss my normal life lol
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  6. 1saac

    1saac New Member

    Was wondering if any of you guys are switching to doing things digitally, like setting websites, social media management, writing online content, etc

    After all, a pandemic will find it hard to take down your online business :smile_:
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  7. jedramos

    jedramos Active Member

    yep! im trying out digital arts but its hard to find clients for a portfolio but still im practicing
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  8. 1saac

    1saac New Member

    Cool! Are you a designer? Any portfolio I can check out?
  9. jedramos

    jedramos Active Member

    unfortunately i dont have any portfolio and i just started designing when this pandemic started. the only thing i can show u is my profile photo. i proudly created it:wink_:
  10. 1saac

    1saac New Member

    It's a great start! Maybe you can create some designs of your favourite Razer gear and post them on the forums too :)
  11. jedramos

    jedramos Active Member

    ill consider that! thanks for the tip! i think ill start creating my portfolio now:sweat_smile:
  12. 1saac

    1saac New Member

    Fantastic idea to start now! Send me a message when you get it up, would love to see it!
  13. nagamakikeisuke

    nagamakikeisuke New Member

    Being a Butler
  14. M-S-G

    M-S-G Well-Known Member

    I work in a technology shop where I repair smartphones, tablets, computer hardware (no soldering work) and set up devices.
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