Zsilver Is Impossible to Acquire.

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by TheScentOfBacon, Jun 3, 2019.

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  1. TheScentOfBacon

    TheScentOfBacon New Member

    Over the past couple of days I have wanted to give Zsilver another chance. It's still frustrating how it takes such a long time for you to accumulate but I've heard people say they've redeemed rewards before.

    However I'm struggling to find ways to earn Zsilver today. Back then, paid to play from 2017-2018 you could earn up to 900 Zsilver a day by playing games. I used to do this and I had fun. After the paid to play returned this year, the max has been reduced to 50 Zsilver a day. 50? Are you serious? It takes 10 minutes to gather that much. When there are daily cap increases the max is bumped up to 200. 200 is no where near the 900 Zsilver cap. Even with correct mobile which also rewards 100 Zsilver a day and 200 on booster days, it seems to me it would be impossible to accumulate Zsilver and especially since there is only a 12 month validation period.

    What's worse is I can't find any good tips on how to gather Zsilver. All the fourms are from a year ago when Zsilver was actually acquirable and if you search methods online it just talks about the softminer even though that was like 6 months ago. There are just no current methods of acquiring Zsilver.

    Upgrade account - I have already done that though 1000 Zsilver gets you nowhere.
    Cortex and Cortex Mobile- On regular days by using both cortex's, I can earn up to 150 Zsilver. On booster days I can earn up to 300 Zsilver. Not sufficient enough but it's something.
    Razer Gold- I'm not trying to pay for games. Plus the amount if Zsilver I would get would get would be so little that I would need to spend about $2000 on a Black widow chroma v2 according to someone.
    Mongul- I am not competing in these tournaments because they are so random, don't have any games I like, and the amount of Zsilver is very minimal. 10,000 sounds like a lot but when you put the chances of you winning a tournament into perspective, it's really not that worth it.
    Insider- The Razer Insider rewards are also so minimal. The highest go up to 1000-2000 Zsilver which is nothing especially after 5 years. The lowest is 10. I don't even think the rewards reset. So basically my Zsilver will expire before I finish all the achievements.
    Softminer- The amount of time it takes to aquire Zsilver is so long it's not even worth it. And the amount of electricity I will be paying is even worse.

    If there is no legit way to earn Zsilver (which I know has never existed to begin with) now then I don't know why Razer still has the Zsilver campaign.
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  2. jsav666

    jsav666 New Member

    I was actually thinking the same thing, I wish Razer would do something about this glaring problem. I've tried mining with Softminer and it's terribly slow. Razer suggests that with a good graphics card, you can mine up to 500 silver a day. At that rate, it would take about 1.5 years (560 days) to save up enough to get a Razer Huntsman Elite. That being said, I'm only running it over night and I'm getting about 30-60 a day at that rate (because I can't mine and play games at the same time). Additionally, I'd be happy to buy games through the Razer store (and thereby get rewards), however the selection is lacking and they have no games I want, plus, the games they give you silver to play are not the games I have any intention of playing 90% of the time.

    So, Razer, here are my suggestions.

    1. Increase the rate at which Softminer mines silver
    2. Focus on gaining access to better games for your library
    3. Reduce costs of rewards or increase rate of acquisition of silver to an actually reasonable rate. People should be able to get a decent reward after trying to get silver for at least 6 months to 1 year in my opinion.

    If you're gonna have a rewards program, make sure people can actually get rewarded, otherwise it looks like a gimmick, and that's not a good look. I love you guys and your products, but this is a glaring hole in your quality of service.
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  3. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    As it's supposed to be a loyalty programme, I guess you can spend more zGold to earn zSilver faster? Hehehe...
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  4. jsav666

    jsav666 New Member

    See, you'd have a good point if it weren't for the fact that in order to accumulate 280,000 zSilver for the Huntsman Elite, I'd have to spend 560,000$. This is the problem I'm talking about, that's literally unattainable for normal people. I'd love to hear about people who've managed to accumulate that much zSilver.
  5. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I did accumulated for 3-4 Huntsman Elite mostly from Mogul.gg . I suggested that will be the best way to earn zSilver for normal people that want free stuff without spending anything.
    From my experience of some people I know that always spend real $$ on Razer peripherals literally doesn't care at all about these zSilver thingy. It's like they're loaded and doesn't care about those free stuff. LOL.
  6. jsav666

    jsav666 New Member

    Fair, I pay for all of my Razer peripherals, but it would be nice to get an upgrade to my BlackWidow Chroma (not that there's anything wrong with it), hence why I used the Huntsman as an example. I'll check out Mogul.gg, but I doubt that it'll change my mind in regards to the suggestions I made earlier.
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  7. Sacius

    Sacius Well-Known Member

    Best days of mogul are over also.. sadly :slightly_sad:
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  8. jsav666

    jsav666 New Member

    Checked out mogul, doesn't change my mind on the subject. The tournaments are pretty much all for Apex Legends save one for Super Smash. I don't own or play those, hence it is useless for me. My opinion stands, Razer needs to address this in my opinion.
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  9. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    They shall address this by getting rid everything related to zSilver like what happened previously.
    People keep complaining even if it's free then CEO just decided to get rid of the 900 daily which I also missed it so much. It was the best and yet those people still want to complain...:frown_:
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  10. jsav666

    jsav666 New Member

    I would never have complained about that personally, that sounds like part of an adequate solution in my opinion. Honestly, either have a good system/work on improving it, or get rid of it entirely. I understand Razer's position on that in a lot of ways.
  11. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It's the same for me. The last easiest way to earn was Esport Elite in Mogul.gg that allow people to vote and earn zSilver until alot people abused it and they just literally get rid of it too instead of improving it..Urghhhh... X.X
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  12. jsav666

    jsav666 New Member

    Welp, hopefully we see some resolution to this in the near future, either by improvement or elimination/replacement. *shrug*...
  13. TheScentOfBacon

    TheScentOfBacon New Member

    Yes but as I stated, Mogul has games I do not like and the likelihood of me winning a tournament is very low. So over all the 10,000 silver isn't worth it for me.
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  14. Reggieeeee

    Reggieeeee New Member

    found this mogul.gg site today lol they have many games tho you can win many rewards
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  15. InsoMia

    InsoMia Member

    If I remembered correctly, zSilver rewards program was initially launched as an additional method for Razer fans to use their services to buy games and at the same time reward those gamers/fans with Razer products. It was an awesome program/opportunity for those who loved Razer products, but could not afford the premium pricing. They even had the chroma mug for redemption during that time.

    However, then came those few who abused this program and even threatened Razer employees which led to them cancelling this program... which sucks, but that is just the ugly reality of our society
  16. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I agree, that now it's hard to earn zSilvers, specially when it's also expiring after 1 year. Didn't tried the new mogul.gg, but I remember the 1st Razer Arena and it was fantastic (a lot of tournaments, and also betting) :)
  17. Shyguy144

    Shyguy144 New Member

    I'm just checking back into Mogul. So did they shutdown the whole voting on esports?
  18. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

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  19. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    The thing is guys, that you would probably like to just do nothing and get rewarded with silvers. This was pretty much available when mogul betting was still standing. You have to do something significant if you want to get silvers nowadays, yes there's the Cortex on pc and mobile, and there's the Insider's achievements as well. If you are so eager to gather silvers you'll never be content with any rate of gaining there is. Just try and do your dailies p2p games and weekly forum rewards and without caring too much about the amount you have, you'll notice a slight increase. It's true, it's the only things we've got for now, but since we can't do anything else i'd say the best option is to get as much as we can and wait for some other way. Just watch out so your silvers won't expire and if you have enough to redeem something do it.
  20. SukiSuki16

    SukiSuki16 Well-Known Member

    Just try and get every single bit of silver you can out there. That's the best you can do because I don't see them making any significant changes to the amount of silver acquired per month on average.
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