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BlackWidow V4 75% - replacement for faulty orange switches

  • 5 March 2024
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Hey everyone,

I've noticed a frustrating trend with keyboards using Razer's orange switches—they tend to become faulty after just a few weeks of use, and mine was no exception. For those of you who love the keyboard itself but are dealing with faulty switches, what replacement did you opt for?

I'm eyeing Gateron switches as a potential solution, but I'm unsure which ones to choose. Ensuring vivid RGB lighting remains vibrant is preferable for me, so I'm leaning towards clear switches. I'm open to either linear or tactile feedback, though I did enjoy the feel of the orange switches straight out of the box, and I've aleo used linear switches before this keyboard. 

Here are the options I'm currently considering:

- Gateron Baby Kangaroo 2.0
- Gateron G Pro Yellow 3.0
- Gateron G Pro Red 3.0
- Gateron Jupiter
- Akko V3 pro Silver Switches

I'm particularly drawn to these options because they come pre-lubed, which is a nice bonus. From what I've read, they're among the best and most commonly used Gateron / Akko switches, but has anyone tried them specifically with this BlackWidow model? Definitely saw few youtube reviews, but finding someone with the same prebuilt prebuilt keyboard trying and comparing them would be nice. I'd love to hear your experiences and recommendations!

1 Reply

Hi, so I too bought a blackwidow 75% and it became faulty within a couple of months. Right now, the keyboard is 2 months old and more than half the keys have chattering or simply don't register. I knew the switches were the cause and decided to buy new ones from razer themselves because of matching and fitting the keycaps, compatibility issues with other brands. I bought green switches V3 and same problem appeared after a couple of weeks. Key chattering and non registers. Now, I have strong suspicions about it not being the color of the keycaps, but the brand. Don't get me wrong, I am a razer fanboy, but key swithces have failed me far too many times. I am just hoping this issue is not due because of the keyboard itself, so I am planning on buying another set of key switches and trying it out. Maybe some cherry brown to match razer orange that I like. I will let you know once it's installed. Anyone else any suggestions or pointers?