Call to arms! We need low profile keyboards! like deathstalker | Razer Insider

Call to arms! We need low profile keyboards! like deathstalker

  • 2 August 2019
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Razer i really hope that you will make a v2 of the deathstalker or another similarly low profile keyboard.

I'm in desperate need of one, and those high profile mechanical keyboards just does not work for me :/

I have reach a point where my spacebar will be stuck every other hit it gets, and nothing is apparently broken and i have no idea how to fix it. I'm thinking it is simply from extensive usage. As it sounds very loose and rattle-like... If someone knows how to fix that let me know..

Having searched the web for a similar low profile keyboard for gaming, i've seen a lot of demand for a keyboard just like deathstalker, but it is impossible to find since the deathstalker.


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The deathstalker is a membrane keyboard 😉 not a mechanical one.
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The Ornata has half height keycaps, that's probably as close as you can get with any current keyboards. They click though.
Does anyone know where I can find replacement keys for the huntsman elite keyboard that help light up the special characters on the top row? I like to use my keyboard for business as well. Give me a website or link to some that fit and work with that keyboard. My email is [email][/email]. Thanks for any help.