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Changing razer ornata lighting on Xbox

  • 23 March 2019
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I have a razer ornata chroma that I use on my Xbox, the keyboard is great but I can’t customize the lighting through my Xbox, it just goes back to default, I was wondering if I could use a usb splitter to connect the keyboard to my Xbox and laptop at the same time and be able to customize the lighting and still use the keyboard on my Xbox. I’m thinking that this might work because if synapse is not connected on a different device then the lighting will god back to default, if it is still connected to the laptop with synapse then the lighting should stay right? If it does, then the question is if you can use it on the Xbox. Has anyone tried this and did it work? Or if anyone has a razer keyboard and a usb splitter would you be able to try it for me?

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First of all chroma dont work on xbox 😛 second i dont think this will work becose of signal transfer but if you have time and money you can try and give us know how it's go.