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Huntsman update?

  • 8 December 2020
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Will there be an ISO Layout soon?

Theres also the Huntsman Mini with the Improved sound dampening thats still not added to the Huntsman TKL.

Is there a Chance they will upgrade this anytime soon or should i just go to Steelseries, etc. ?

Update soon?

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I would contact razer and ask them personally, this is just me, but I would stay and will always be a RAZER FAN BOY, LOYALIST, USER, AND POSITIVE REPRESENTATIVE OF RAZER!!! If by some rare and almost impossible chance I decided to buy another brand, it would be ASUS ROG, but steel series is okay I just have different tastes and I love the connectivity, and syncing capabilities and the awesome and one of a kind availability and choice of awesome, useful, durable, yes somewhat buggy, but exceptional community of products that razer offers!!!