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Keyboard lighting at login screen

  • 29 January 2019
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Is there any way to make it static? I have a 2018 blade 15 advanced. Synapse version 3.4. Thanks

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I am wondering the same thing... The keyboard defaults to color cycling on boot and I cannot find any way to customize this. I searched online and all I could find are people asking this same question with no one able to answer them. I find it hard to believe that Razer would be short sighted enough to force a locked color layout on users.:confused_:
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The spectrum cycling is the default color effect for most of the Razer peripherals, and once you start your os there's no synapse open in order to set your color as the one you choose. So from when it starts until the moment synapse starts too the effect will stay spectrum cycling.
Is there no option to deactivate the keyboard lighting until synapse start?
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At this point, seems razer support will continue ignoring this requested feature
Bumping this.