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Pro Type | Got disconnected every minute or two

  • 29 November 2020
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Hi guys,

I've bought this amazing keyboard like a few months ago, really liked the design. Also, the touch of this keyboard is great.
Was using wireless for a long time, and recently I changed connection type to bluebooth, new issue comes in. My keyboard got disconnected every minute or two and then reconnect just after a second, no matter if you are typing or not. This happens all the time. When I switch back to wireless, everything is fine.
Wondering if anyone is also having this issue and how to get rid of this issue? This is really bothering me.


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3 Replies

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What about other bluetooth devices interferring?
I am also using a logitech mouse, and it's working fine.
My mate also purchased this keyboard, and he has the same issue.
Running Windows 10 20h2?