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Spilled Soda on Razer Cynosa Chroma, How to Clean?

  • 18 March 2019
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A few days ago I was having a nice gaming session until I was reaching for some Coke and accidentally spilled it on my Cynosa Chroma, now it's getting sticky and I'm having troubles pressing the keys without having to wait for it to slide back into position.
How do I clean my keyboard? I've tried to pour a bit of water into the keyboard (as it is apparently spill/water resistant), but I've had no luck in getting the water underneath the keycaps. Is there some way to remove the keycaps so I can clean them? Help!

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2 Replies

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You can try to pull the keycaps, but be careful!
For cleanin I'll recommend isopropyl alcohol - it's 100% safe for electronics.
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If you want to make sure nothing will happend i will recommend you to buy lcd clean spray it's great to clean electronic becose it's quicly vaporize and dont stay on device.