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The Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboards

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mann this is so cool, but so out of my budget , poor gamer, spent all on pc, no money left for peripherals
Well..gimme one 😃
Awesome design indeed.
Ok THAT looks dope!
Good! I were waiting for a new keyboard leak
Beautil design as always!
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As with every new keyboard I am very interested in how loud the keys are...I like it silent. :cool_:
holy shite this looks amazing!! but is it mech?
This looks incredible! One thing I would like to see on a V2 of this keyboard would be a wrist wrest. I prefer keyboards that have them, after having them for years with my Deathstalker!

Edit: Could we get an optional clip-on wrist rest or something similar for this keyboard? :smile_:
Very amazing :eek_:
I think I know what true love is now
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That underglow is just awesome, I'm definitely into that.
I'm curious about what kind of switches they are, I can't tell if there more like a silent Ornata or a new version of a membrane keyboard, or maybe just somewhere in the middle. hehehe
If only it was mechanical.


Glow up with the new Razer Cynosa Chroma gaming keyboards –

Absolute gaming – The Razer Cynosa Chroma is armed with soft cushioned gaming keys so you can play in total comfort. Enjoy the smooth sensation of full key travel under your fingertips, paired with distinct and precise responsiveness.

Infinite Lighting – Immerse yourself further in games as the backlit keys of this new keyboard shines in-sync with your gameplay. Personalize your setup with unique lighting profiles composed with Razer Chroma’s 16.8 million colors. Plus, experience a new dimension of Razer Chroma sweetness with the sexy new underglow, lighting up around and underneath the Razer Cynosa Chroma Pro.

Find out more about the Razer Cynosa Chroma gaming keyboards now –

Nice underglow, will go great with the my setup
I have to say razer... you went overboard with the ad/vid.
Those graphically inserted "colorful animations" are way too much. I mean, yeah show me all the colors and shine and all and even exaggerate it, but those lines and lighting effects and circling whirling colorful photoshoped splashes got NOTHING to do with the keyboard, nor add any value to the keyboard nor the ad.
Sorry but its a fail for me.

About the keyboard: I'm also a bit furious. Because I just bought my Blackwidow Stealth V2 where I just reallized after purchase that some areas are not lit on the keyboard but just painted on the key surfaces. This is VERY lazy on an expensive keyboard like this and now you showing me another keyboard where there are no painted keys but proper backlit illumination.

I don't even want to think about this why you done my keyboard like that and then you release a different one that supposed to be logical to do on BW v2 also.

Sorry but this is infuriating and I feel the dark side pulling me in from such things even stronger. *grabbing on the light saber's handle tightly*
Oh, come on. Not another one.

Another day to cri
I just wish the pro wasn't a webstore exclusive... it's almost USD$110 for australians, that's the starting point of the blackwidow chroma range here 😞
That Underglow is absolutely magnificent! I love it, plz take my money!
That lighting underneath the Cynosa Chroma? It's just the beginning. It'll surely catch up on other Razer keyboards. When that happens, I'll be the first to buy that gorgeous baby.
I own a budget gaming keyboard and was like Razer wouldn't make such one but they did it!
Looks cool, but I'll wait for BW3 with the underglow.
It's looks very cooool, and the price is attractive! But are the switches same as Oranta?
Seems legit
Oh, come on. Not another one.
Another day to cri

She always cries for the great products Razer always puts out!