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Are Razer mice okay?

So as you all probably know Razer has a history of making mouses that most likely won't last 2 years. I've been searching and saw countless people with broken Razer products and especially broken mouses.

However in the last time I've seen this far less and Razer themselves seem to theoretically make the mouses with the longest lifespan with 70m clicks.

Of course that's a lie as they won't make mouses that you can easily use for 15+ years, but is Razer an okay choice if I'd buy a mouse now?

I specifically mean the Deathadder V2 or the Basilisk V2 in that regard out of which one will probably be my choice.

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Compared to the beginning, RAZER have come a long way towards optimistic gaming and longevity on clicks.

My nephew loves his Basilisk V2, which I got for him through zSilver collection.
My Basilisk Ultimate which I got through zSilver collection; I like the wireless feature~~~

Ergonomic design to game for hours, to put less strain on getting wrist injury.
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All Razer mouses with Optical keys like mentioned DeathAdder V2 or Basilisk V2 (there's a new V3 version now) should have better lifespan than mouses with mechanical keys (like older Razer products).

IMO DeathAdder V2 will be a good and most universal choice, because of optical keys, and the shape, that fits most hands.