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Best Gaming Mouse?

Hi Guys

What mice would you recommend? Either from Razer or another brand, I am not very sure what to look for in a gaming mouse so any advice would be welcome.


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so I personally use a mercury white lancehead TE. It really depends on your price range.
cheaper = DeathAdder
midpoint = lancehead or mamba elite
expensive = naga trinity epic or the hyperflux combo.
The deathadder is a really good starter gaming mouse with limited chroma abilities.
Lancehead/mamba both have insane chroma and 16,000 dpi (I play at 4500-9000 range but when its 16000 I cant handle it lol)
the naga trinity epic it a mouse with a lot of chroma and a lot of buttons and the hyperflux combo is something you use if the cord annoys you. but if the cord annoys you then you can alwys use a mouse bungee!
hope this helped 🙂
Thanks! I think mid point will be good 😃 Thanks so much for the advice 🙂
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What about it?
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I have the Naga 2014. Many buttons. High DPI.
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For csgo, Basilisk. Personally I think Deathadder is a bit hard to control the click.
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Depending on the game, mouse pad is just as important as the mouse
CS:GO Deathadder + goliathus control
starcraft Naga or Deathadder + goliathus speed
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For me - still DeathAdder is the number 1 (best gaming mouse).
But we'll see how great Viper will be :)

All new Razer mouses have the same great optical sensor (PWM 3389): DeathAdder Elite, Razer Basilisk (but not the Essential version), Lancehead TE (wireless version has laser sensor), Naga Trinity, Mamba Wireless (the new one), Mamba Elite, Viper.