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Deathadder Chroma Mouse Feet

I remember Razer used to sell mouse feet directly, do they not sell them anymore? I can't find the link anywhere.

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Nevermind, I bought a set off Amazon, wanted the original Razer ones but guess not. Also this is my second set of rubber side grips. Two times after less than a year they were coming off. Razer I don't know why you can't come up with a better solution. How about to incorporate some kind of rough texture in the plastic so we won't have this issue. I like the feel of the Deathadders but if this continues I will have to say goodbye and look into Logitech or another company.
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They already did that with the Deathadder V2.

They still look like they are glued on. So it is infact part of the plastic housing and not glued? If so I will wait for a price drop then possibly buy one.
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Ah ya that's confusing, I hate Amazon's title because they're wrong a lot. It should say plastic or textured grip. Go to 1:30 here:
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Ah ya that's confusing, I hate Amazon's title because they're wrong a lot. It should say plastic or textured grip. Go to 1:30 here:
Ah, I see it now thanks. Yeah it's built into the shell and not glued on. Hmm, now where is that price drop 😃
Eh, hmm on second thought I see some people complain that the side grips fall off. " Rubber side grip fell off in less than 2 years
By Amazon Customer on July 28, 2020Mouse is good overall, but very dissapointed that the rubber side grip fell off after less than 2 years. I expect a high-quality"

This is the biggest issue I have with Razer mice 😕 I just don't know why they don't fix the problem. It's not hard.
Wanted to give an example of how I wish they made their mice.
My space bar that is textured and has grip that's in the plastic.
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They did just come out with this too in case people want even more grip:
Nice mouse grip tape, looks good 😃 I actually bought a different brand off Amazon, it does help a little keeping your fingers from slipping off.
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I've had my Deathadder since December 2014 and use it daily. The side grips are still properly attached (only found that the right side sharp edge is a little loose when I cleaned it) and the feet are still good. Just a little wear on the rear (large) foot - that could be due to using it on an old/worn cloth mousepad for 5.5 years. But it is disappointing to find that spare feet are not included, especially considering Cooler Master's MM710 has very large PTFE feet, and comes with replacements, while costing less.
Almost 6yrs thats a long time. I had quite a few Deathadders and all of them had issues with the rubber side grips falling off in less than a year. This time I took them off and put Krazy glue on the sides so I think that might hold 😃 Yeah very odd they don't have their mouse feet anymore to buy, or even included.
Yeah, I think if you want new feet nowadays you have to get a replacement unit or buy from 3rd party. But I think the warranty expires in 1 to 2 years.