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Deathadder Elite Rubber Thumb Pad

  • 26 October 2020
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Does anyone know what material the thin thumb pad is made besides just rubber? I have 2 of these mice and the thumb pads have become unattached. I'm asking because I'm looking for a solution to reattach it to the mouse again and the specific material would make a huge difference.

Also if anyone knows of any adhesive that works, I would love that info too please.

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2 Replies

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I'd try with Tesa doublesided tape (the stronger one).
Also you can "mod" your mouse by using some Lizardskins grips (or similar) - but requires cutting.
I ended up getting Gorilla glue that works for rubber and most plastics. It seems to be holding up. Thank you for the suggestion for modding with another grip. I might look into that in the future. This will do for me now.