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early DeathAdder mouse versions

  • 7 February 2021
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My DeathAdder black edition recently quit, and i'm personally not a fan of the newer versions that don't have the soft touch rubberized tops. Does anyone know how to tell which versions of DeathAdder have the soft touch tops and which do not?

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Any newer versions doesn't have rubberised top.
Only DeathAdder Classic (aka. 1800 DPI), DA 3500 DPI and Black Edition.

What do you mean it recently quit?

You can always get a new DA and plasti dip it 😉 But it wouldn't be as durable as original coating.
Thanks for the intel. It started having all sorts of intermittent issues, chaotic tracking, scroll wheel unresponsiveness, etc... I took it apart and cleaned it, but nothing changed. It is like 7 or so years old so it's not unexpected.

Anyway, I did try the plasti dip route, but it doesn't looks nearly as nice and i'm guessing like you said it will only last a few months with how often i use it.
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There's also another way - grip tapes like that: https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice-accessories/Razer-Mouse-Grip-Tape/RC30-03210200-R3M1
They'll last long, but they'll not cover whole mouse.