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Gigantus V2 | Bigger Surface for Bigger Wins

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Introducing the Razer Gigantus V2, our newest and largest mouse mat ever:

We've optimized its size for competitive play, with size options of up to 3XL for any desk setup. With ample surface to support a wide range of mouse movements, the durable Razer Gigantus V2 is the perfect blend of speed and control, with additional stability from its thick high-density rubber foam and anti-slip base.

Want more ways to customize? Take your mat through Razer Customs to get a design that’s uniquely yours:

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i think ive mentioned this before but a table mat might be a little over kill. while its cool cant we just get a chroma strip? so its not as crazy as a door mat?

I think you just gave them an idea for next years april fools, how does chroma doormat sound @Dekades ??
I got mine today, its very nice. Its just pity that Razer Customs are not for my country.