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Issues with OG razer mamba wirless.

Hello, im here because im having some troubles with the og mamba. As i've seen razer's site isn't sellingi t anymore, and probably that's what is causing my issues, but sincerly, after i've spended 170$++, i would want a Top Tier mouse, not a mouse that only causes problems. Dunno when this started, but some days ago i've found out that synapse 2 isn't detecting my mouse. I also have a blackwidow v2 and some man o' wars that work fine. Wouldn't want to trash a mouse like this so im here to ask for some help.
Thanks for your time!
This is the mouse, i hope yall can help me

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Try connect mouse to other pc and cheack the behavior this give more info where is the issue.
At this point im assuming it's an app that goes in conflict with something, cause there's no explanation
Already tried, nothing happened
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Remove Synapse software, go to device manager - remove Mamba (with drivers), use a CCleaner to cleanup your PC & registry. Reboot OS and install Synapse 2 again.