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Naga - How many years will it take?

  • 1 February 2021
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Ever since the original Naga, I have found myself unable to switch mice. I've owned the Original, the 2014, the Naga Chroma, the Naga Epic Chroma and now I'm presently back on a broken Naga Chroma. I've seen the Pro and the X and I must say I'm quite disappointed in the Naga lineup for several reasons:

1) Through all the iterations of the Naga, none have offered ARGB, so that we may sync our Naga's up with the rest of our gear for the rainbow wave effect for example. We're either stuck limiting the lighting on our other Razer devices to stay in check with the Naga, or we have to put up with all our lighting elements not matching up. For how much it would cost to build a Razer Chroma echosystem at your desk, I'm disappointed in how long this issue has gone overlooked.

2) The latest flagship Naga offering, the Naga Pro, does not include the charging stand at such a high price point. As mentioned earlier, I've owned the Naga Epic Chroma. My experience with the Epic Chroma is that the battery would never last long enough, eventually the contacts on the charging station wouldn't connect without a lot of extra time and effort each time and lastly, for some strange reason the mouse performed better in wireless mode then wired, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.

For the next Naga iteration, Razer can you please just take the Pro, remove all the wireless components, forget the interchangeable side plates and make sure it at least adds the rainbow wave to it's repertoire? If you really want to innovate beyond that, put a bunch of holes under the palm and stick a fan and LED in there for some real comfort.

I now find myself at a loss. Corsair offers the rainbow wave on their Scimitar Elite, however it's missing 2 buttons as you cannot tilt the scroll wheel. The quality and aesthetics of the 12-button side grid are also horrible. Logitech never produced a successor to their G600, which is by far the worst of any mouse I will mention here. Asus has not produced their own ROG branded version of a 19-button mouse. I've been banging my head all these years at each and every one of your companies, for failing to see an obvious opportunity to rake in the money from all gamers who either play MMOs, or just love having all the extra buttons for all their games. There is no King 19-button mouse anymore, just a bunch of competitors that seem to have given up vying for the throne.

Razer please take note.

What features interest you most when thinking about a future Naga? (Pick up to 3)

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I understand your frustrations but realistically i would them rather spend more time/money on perfecting wireless & creating a charging mousepad, rgb & argb is fine but you don't even see it when you are using the mouse as your hand covers the device (argb is a minor inconvenience).

The design and button placement of the Naga's is perfect in my opinion and many others, the fact they have also improved the button switches is a huge + but on the latest Naga X they have removed scroll wheel tilt (bad move). The main thing i would like to see across all Razer products is better quality control because many peripherals don't last over a year, i do belive the reason they change some aspects of the functionality is because of previous design faults i.e scroll tilt as many people complained about button play which was a big issue. That does not mean just remove the functionality though..