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Naga Pro Glitch

  • 23 October 2020
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I've had the Naga Pro for about 2 weeks now. Ran into my first problem that had an easy fix. The mouse seemed to be having tracking issues. I would move the cursor around and it would lose tracking and skip across the screen in the last known direction it was moving. I tried doing factory reset and it didn't fix it. When I adjust the polling rate from 1000 to 125 it got a lot worse. In the end it only went away when I fully turned off the wireless on the mouse and shut my computer down. I also didn't turn the wireless back on until synapse had fully loaded and connected with my other razer products.

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1 Reply

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I highly recommend that you use our surface calibration tool on Synapse 3.0. By the way, is your router anywhere near the mouse?