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NAGA PRO - SIDEPLATE Compatibility?

  • 8 September 2020
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Unfortunately I bought my Naga couple of weeks before the NAGA PRO dropped !
Does the sideplate with 6-buttons work on the now older version of the Naga?

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4 Replies

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Its possible but probably not as most things with Razer arent exactly backwards compatible
Well can you check it out for me?
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I never was a fan of the older Naga mice that were made, but the new one is a lot more promising to possibly change that since you are given the ability to change the side plates of course. On older ones u were stuck with the 12 button plate as far as I remember/recall. I dont own any new or old Naga models but a lot of older stuff wont work with the newer stuff n vice versa that Razer makes from my past experiences

Prime example: You can't use the Mamba 2015 Wireless Charging Dock with ANY other Razer's Wireless mice that contains the charging dock contact points that are on the bottom (like the Viper Ultimate for instance).
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I found this post on here so I will reference it...

None of the side panels from the trinity will work with the naga pro due to different internals and voltages.