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Razer Mamba Wireless Warranty

  • 20 June 2020
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Hello, I purchased the Mamba Wireless in-store from Best Buy in November of last year. In that time, my mouse has started double-clicking on single clicks and it's been ruining my experience with the mouse, especially during gaming. I've tried to claim my warranty on the mouse only to find out that a worn out/faded barcode and serial number stops me from being able to claim the warranty.

My question is how is anyone supposed to prevent fading on the barcode and serial number on the underside of a gaming mouse supposed to be prevented? And what can I do, to get my mouse to stop double-clicking?

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1 Reply

I've had my Deathadder 2013 for 5.5 years - I use it everyday - and the serial number is still clear (like new).
I think you should be able to return it to Best Buy with proof of purchase. That's what we'd normally do in Australia anyway.