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Razer Naga pro Wireless not saving lighting effect profile ?

  • 29 January 2021
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Lighting effects only works when using Synapse is on the background, may I know why, Even Chinese brands like ReDragon store the lighting profiles? I tried to upgrade but it seems I did a downgrade

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Hey new insider

Please have a read of the following thread, the following thread also mentions slight disadvantage of storing the lighting profiles on the peripherals.

The way how RAZER have designed peripherals that run with Synapse 3.0, people call it "cloud / internet based peripheral" or my term is "back and forward link between peripheral and synapse 3.0".

RAZER peripherals that run with Synapse 3.0 cannot store the lighting features on the peripheral itself.

In conclusion
No such thing is a 100% perfect satisfactory of consumer product/s

Every consumer products compared to their competitor or predecessors have its advantages and disadvantages, ups and downs, goods and bads, likes and dislikes. It is just a matter of how you like to accept it is a question.
Complain and move to the one you really want, or see the good side of consumer products and learn to enjoy it.


If ReDragon suits your satisfactory of storing the lighting profiles, RAZER peripherals that work with Synapse 2.0 is where you want to look at.
This makes no sense, this is just a flag on the onboard memory, why to worry for the BASIC lightning effects to be override but not complex macros, just want to have an excuse for the software running on background all the time
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Software running in the background is~~~~
what can I say, I mean it utilizes CPU processing, RAM capacity
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My PC uses 6% CPU processing and 33% RAM capacity while I work.
Shy of half a GB of RAM is utilized by RAZER applications, which I don't think it is a heavy burden for most computers of today.

Unless people are using PC technology more than 10 - 15 years old~~~
This practice is just a way to make people think such functions requires cloud services so later they will try to sneak a subscription fee
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whether that is RAZER's aim?~~~~
there are many subscriptions like, mobile phone apps, netflix, disney channels, microsoft and apple software subscriptions and so on.

I pay my monthly subscriptions on netflix, electricity bills, phone bills and so.......
it is not nice to start pointing fingers at things that are not in the air as of yet.

If pc peripheral companies launch monthly subscription fees on their physical products, then you can start point fingers at them or go for other options.