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[Suggestion] Adjustable Debounce Time in Razer Software

  • 3 September 2021
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This is a huge topic in the Minecraft community, so I better post it here.

Minecraft 1.8 PvP is a game that partly depends on having a high CPS. One popular clicking method used in this game to achieve this CPS is drag clicking and butterfly clicking.

Now unfortunately for us Razer users, we don't have adjustable debounce time in the Razer software. Having an adjustable debounce time in the software gives a huge advantage, as you can godbridge and take less knockback while pvping. This is the reason that the glorious model o is popular in the Minecraft community. There is nothing special about the model o other than the fact that glorious has included an adjustable debounce time in their software. The same goes with the Bloody and Roccat mice. The problem with these mice is that they are heavy, have an awkward shape to them, and just aren't ideal for PvP let alone for any FPS game.

To conclude, adding an adjustable debounce time in the Razer mice software wouldn't change anything in manufacturing and wouldn't hurt anything to the existing FPS community (in fact, it could also benefit the FPS community as well). It would make the Minecraft community flock to Razer mice which would make Razer a more popular company than it already is. Here is a YouTube link about the Logitech G Pro X Superlight not having an adjustable debounce time. The same would go with Razer.

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I agree I bought a viper mini cuz its cheap, lightweight and has a nice shape adding debounce time would really help
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+1 for adjustable debounce delay.
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I would also like this feature, it would help in my comboes.