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The Razer Naga Trinity

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Experience overwhelming power with the new Razer Naga Trinity –

MOBA and MMO players, rejoice! The Razer Naga is back and better than ever—featuring 3 interchangeable side panels. Switch your playstyle and take on every arena with 2, 7 or 12 additional buttons to bind all your spells on.

This new mighty weapon is armed with our esports-grade optical sensor capable of 16,000 DPI, offering buttery smooth tracking and deadly precision as you strike down the enemy. With Trinity, the Razer Naga’s familiar design becomes even greater—spell-sling for hours in total comfort thanks to its perfected button positioning and improved ergonomics.

And of course, it also rocks Razer Chroma’s 16.8 million colors to light your way through the darkest dungeons.

Find out more about the Razer Naga Trinitythe ultimate mouse for MOBA and MMO players –

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Dope! Making it more simple and easy to try different button configs.
So much cool new stuff this week.👍
How about that left handed edition.
This is a brilliant idea from you Razer.
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first transformer mouse


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Watts that!:eek_:
sweet mouse, but i still pref mamba one 😉
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Best periph I've ever seen 😮 still using naga molten edition at work and love it ❤
Thank you for using the optical sensor, please do keep using it in your every mouse in the future.
Wireless mice please!!!
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I would really like to see wireless Razer Naga Trinity. Maybe it would be called Razer Naga Trinity Epic lol.
Now that's what i need because currently i need to use multiple mouse for multiple play-style, this will change it and will help me do all of those with one mouse. Great job Razer.
Wow what a great idea this is. I guess I'll be replacing my Naga Hex with this!
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Holy Sheeeeets! @Razer|Gwynbleidd, I don't even have this mouse yet and I feel like I won the lottery!

Upgrading my favourite mouse with an optical sensor, and making it a Transformer as well?

Before I press "Buy Now", is there a chance that there will be an "Epic" (wireless) version as well?
Razer WHY!?!?!?!? I just bought a Basilisk the other month!!! You remade my favorite mouse into an optical and made it so you can customize the sides!!! Now I gotta save up zSilver for it(or a $100 gift card if I get one around Christmas haha)and i'm only at 5k zSilver!

Edit: if you make a wireless version with your adaptive frequency technology, I would be #1 in line! Oh and don't forget that awesome fancy charger! 😃
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It... has... optical sensor! Razer heared us ❤
I'm sure others have had luck with this mouse, but for me it's been nothing but trouble. I am currently seeking a refund from Razer (through customer support, not here on the forums). I just want to let it be known that this mouse ONLY works with Synapse 3.0 BETA, which on my PC with Windows 7 64-bit, an i7-5960X, 128 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM, and a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti; is an unstable cruddy piece of software that crashes, freezes, etc constantly with none of Razer supports suggestions even remotely addressing the issue of this software. They've basically been totally useless in helping attempting to fix Synapse 3, it seems that it's in Beta for a good reason - it doesn't work - at least not for everyone.

Why Razer, a company I once respected a LOT more..., decided to release a super-high-end and amazing mouse, then make it only work with seemingly unstable Beta Drivers is beyond me. The mouse is unusable - even worse is that Synapse 3 takes over my KB and Mouse Pad (my Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2 [w/ Yellow Switches] and my Razer Firefly Cloth Edition) and screws them up too somewhat - it reverts to spectrum cycling lighting sometimes randomly or just has the lights turn off (sometimes on the mouse pad, other times on the KB, even just a few keys on the KB occasionally). Anytime my PC's screen goes into power saving mode or is in on the login menu the lighting resets to Spectrum Cycling until I login again (I find it slightly annoying as my desk has flashing lights on it basically...) Synapse 2 doesn't do this.

Now I need to add that hardware-wise the mouse seems perfectly fine, I can adjust the DPI, the changeable buttons and lights work, etc. However it seems Razer has dropped the ball with this one as far as making it only work with; at least on my Windows 7 PC, super unstable Beta drivers that don't work and haven't worked since I first tried Synapse 3.0 a year ago (way before this mouse was out). All of the problems I had then I'm having now... And this has occurred on both my desktop and laptop - the unstable nature of Synapse 3.0 and how it always freezes and crashes isn't anything new for me. My laptop also used Windows 7 64-bit, an Intel 4940MX CPU, and SLI'd Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M's. So maybe Nvidia/Intel setup with Win7 64-bit doesn't work with this? My desktop doesn't use SLI like my laptop did, just to clarify. Either way it doesn't work very well now and it didn't on my laptop either (about 12-14 months ago).

Sorry for long comment/complaint, but this is regarding the Naga Trinity and I want to potentially warn anyone who's thinking about buying it that they may be in for a big surprise if they buy one... I'm sure for others Synapse 3 works fine and this mouse is just amazing... I don't get why it decided not to work for me... so I'm back to using my Naga Chroma with Synapse 2.0 again until it dies - then I'm off to using a different companies peripherals again probably.
So where is the wireless version of this? Been using the wired version and would "upgrade" to wireless instantly. And by wireless i mean with usb-dongle, not with charging station like naga epic. Would serve with laptops also. Dont keep me (us) waiting! 😃
Personally, I'm looking for a replacement to my 2014 Razer Naga(still have a back up one in an un open box should it fail) that's wireless and has the same amount of buttons. I don't mind paying a bit more for this version should you make it fully wireless or make a hyperflux version that just requires a AC adapter and not a USB and fits an area of 11"x10". Trying to go as cordless as possible since I love playing my games on my 60" TV. Would love a Bluetooth version if at all possible since I have 2 very large and energetic dogs. Having any cords running the 15' from where I sit to my PC gets to be a bit of a safety hazard for my electronics(not the dogs since they don't seem to care what they run over or into). I was hoping to find an updated version of the Naga Epic Chroma but that seems to of been a discontinued line. Please come out with a full wireless of this. I use a Key board with a built in mouse pad area so I don't have the room for the oversized Hyperflux set you have and the mouse that comes with doesn't have the amount of keys I like to use for World of Warcraft, DOOM, Conan, or Minecraft. Thank you again for making amazing products that work for years. Proud owner of the Razer Naga 2014, Orbweaver(would love to see an updated version), and the Kraken head set(thinking of going to the Nari series).

Thank you once again for all you do.
Hey. Sameone know when new Naga will be relased? Couse i dont know that i should buy one now.
I sooo love this mouse! worth every bit I spent on it!
Dammit I just bought a Naga Chroma last month.
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What a beautiful transformer! JK ... Beautiful mouse! :wink_:
Trinity 🙂 thats pretty awesome idea, not exactly from asian legends but still cool
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Razer, Its time to slow down, You have released 6 products in the past week and my wallet is now in critical condition, And I'm going to need to move to my kidney soon to be able to pay for all of it.

All jokes, Love the new products over the past few days and I know this was one of the big ones people were wanting, A mouse with changeable sides!. I think you might need to give your engineers a break 😜.
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Great, now make it wireless and you have my money.