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VIPER MINI SIGNATURE EDITION | The Best Lightweight Performance Gaming Mouse

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Meet the Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition: the best hyper-lightweight performance gaming mouse. Crafted from high-grade magnesium alloy, arm yourself with a masterpiece that outclasses the competition:

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Great mouse. special for gaming

I want to share the total disaster with the Razer limited offer of 500 mini signiture. I did my order within 2 minutes on 23rd September 2023 and money was deducted from my account. Today (September 24) money was returned.  Razor - tell openly that this is just for resellers. This is a shame. If you allow to buy more than 1 at a time, this can’t work.  Even pre-order could work nicely. 

On September 16 I spent 3 hours from my birthday party waiting when sales will open, but your site was down for 2-3 extra hours and sales didn’t start. One big mess.

I have bought 2 products from Razer and wanted to buy a lot, but it is over.  

Will there be another batch of these made? Would really like to get my hand on one

The VIPER MINI SIGNATURE EDITION stands out as the ultimate lightweight gaming mouse, combining precision and speed for optimal gaming performance. And Guess what I had purchased a lottery from Numerodehoy and got a gaming mouse.


With its sleek design and advanced features, it delivers a superior gaming experience. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions, making it a top choice for competitive gamers seeking peak performance.