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Viper Ultimate side buttons

  • 20 August 2020
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Typically the left back (mouse button 4) button does not work and now the front front right side button (mouse button 5) is not working. I can sometimes get the left back button to work if I keep pressing it usually about 10-15 times iv tired in wireless and wired mode and iv updated to the latest software version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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5 Replies

I am having the same issues with my viper ultimate. It started happening randomly about a month ago and hasn't stopped since. Only the side buttons, which i thought could be mechanical but the right side buttons i never use are doing the same thing. Cycling synapse sometimes fixes momentarily, but it keeps me from playing certain games because it stops randomly in the middle of a match. Ive even updated the mouse firmware using Razer's support and the issue came back
I am having the same issue with my brand new Razer Viper. Windows seems to randomly recognize the side buttons. I think it might be a firmware/driver problem. I'm on Windows 7 btw.
Any updates on how to fix the isssue ?
I've now tested on two computers still experiencing the same issue. Since the Viper (wired) has no internal memory, what could cause something like this to happen where Windows randomly recognizes the side buttons sometimes and doesn't others? I'm now two days with no function of the side buttons and about to RMA my mouse. Uninstalled the software and Viper mouse driver with no change.
What does RMA means ? And Im starting to think it might just be the switches because when I slam it on my desk it starts working again temporarily. It might be caused by some dust or something. And I'm sending my mouse back because you can't buy a product of this price range and still have those type of issues.