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How do you feel about your Razer Phone and the Support it gets?

  • 6 April 2019
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I am just trying to get a feel for this brand and how well the users are supported.
I have an issue that is being run through support, it looks like the Bluetooth driver needs work, what are my chances of seeing any help come down the pipe?

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It will come down individual experiences. I bought my OG Razer on eBay and needed no interaction with Razer customer service.

There's also the perspective that those most vocal on forums are the ones generally impacted by hardware/software issues. And with reason to be.

My viewpoint is software support isn't where it needs to be. Razer acquired Robin and had a capable software team in place to build upon offering consistent OS updates and that simply hasn't happened. And now with staff reduction or reallocation, effort is focused more on the 2 vice 1.

The preference here is Razer committing to a yearly and monthly term for OS updates by device. Announcements that are in the general public arenas. Not hidden deep within the president's Twatter thread.

Though much of this could change when Razer moves to thier new South-east Asia headquarters at Singapore's one-north in 2020. The hope is a greater commitment and investment is offered by Razer thereby allowing for more and consistent sodtsoft updates and in a timely manner.