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Razer Kishi right joystick drifted, and left side stopped completely working

  • 12 April 2022
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I've been trying to post this for a while but as soon as I posted it got deleted, a few months ago I purchased a razer Kishi anda it started malfunctioning, the right joystick started drifting when pressing right trigger, I thought it could be my phone but then last week the left side completely stopped working, I read that it could be the cable that connects both sides, I purchased a flex compatible cable, and when I opened the controller I noticed that something inside was dripping and the circuit board on the right side is damaged do to en excess of grease or thermal paste that they put on the triggers and we'll I tried changing the cable and well it was not the cable.

Everyone that has a Kishi or thinking on buying one first check this problem or you'll end up throwing 100dlls in the trash.

Does anyone have the same problem with the right joystick drifting?

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5 Replies

After 14 months playing Genshin Impact, I have a non functioning LEFT Side. The Joystick, and the Directional Key just random inputs in a all directions. I loved this controller, and sad to see go to the landfill. Is there a KISHI 2 in the works? Razer needs to make an updated one for the new iPAD Mini.
I haven't heard anything about a Kishi V2 or a new controller, they should at least provide some kind of replacement parts, it is an awesome controller and let's hope something can be done.
After 1 year of use, the left side of the controller stopped working.
I solved it by changing the sides of the ribbon, and that worked for a while.
Now the left side stopped working again, with no possible solution. I don't know what to do because the right side of the controller works with both sides of the ribbon, but the left side does not.

It is incredible how such an expensive controller has so little support or upgrades to adapt to the games and not the other way around.
I recently got a Sony PS5 controller to replace my defective Kishi. The build quality between the two is like night and day. I really hope Razer updates the Kishi. The PS5 controller is way better and cheaper.
No se si a ustedes las pasa pero a mis 2 razer kishi que les compre a mis hijos no les funciona el lado izquierdo al comienzo todo bien .. Yo también los abrí y tienen algo adherido a los gatillos como grasa lo raro es que se salgan los 2 razer kishi casi el mismo día los compre en hace 6 meses