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Razer Phone 2 Device Tree.

  • 4 December 2020
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Does anyone have the device tree for the razer phone 2 or know anyone i can contact that developed the OS for the phone?

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I'm sad no-one has answered you.

Only info, and it's basically none, I know about who developed the OS for the RAZER phones is as follows:

*A couple guys from paranoid Android helped develop the early OS for the first one. (As evidenced in the phone1 kernel code) I don't know, however, if they were invited back for any os versions following or even the second phone.

I do know that Paranoid Android was also UNABLE to create a custom rom for us.

*On the RAZER phone 2 faq site there is a section on the written promise of source code. Says after 2 years of last sale, you can send 5-10£ to given address to receive it. Since they are asking money for it, maybe it is more than the provided kernel source?

And that's it. Sorry.

Razer has also never answered me back about development or code either.

Come to think of it....Nor have they answered the guys who developed the chroma keyboard, chroma boot animation, chroma theme or the chroma live wallpaper and were hoping to get it "included".

Best of luck