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Razer Phone 2 frozes whenever i open the game

  • 5 April 2022
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TL;DR version: RP2 the new season of CODM since jan 18th wont load past login screen... crashed phone. forces me to hard restart phone.

Explained: hey, so up until the jan 18th update of the new season, anytime i load the game up on my phone it crashes and im forced to hold the power till it resets...

yes I've done all the copy/pasta that everyone suggested and takes from the website.

ive even stock formatted my phone for kicks. nothing. i cant even go back to the older version since obviously the game makes u have to download the update to play. its a bug somewhere cuz i decided for my own curiosity to root/flash phone to another OS and it worked... just everything else had issues.. i obviously went back to stock again and the bug is still there... so i know its the stock RAZER PHONE 2's OS of android...

i tried a "free VPN" and was able to oddly enough get passed the login bug, but if i leave the game and come back it crashes the phone again.

i have NO IDEA what the culprit is, but its def something in the update and I'm guessing activation didn't check since the RP2 doesn't get Android OS updates since 2019. who knows. i just want to play this game again without having to jump through formatting and other loops...

like i said. I've done all the silly TS steps like cache clearing, uninstalling, ect... hell i even went to any folder i could find on my phone that had CODM and deleted em before re installing just to clear omeglz any "footprints"

please help! thanks!

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with that many issues, it sounds like it's a hardware problem rather than anything you can fix, especially if it was like that the first week you got it. I'd say save yourself the trouble and just get it replaced while you can.