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Razer Phone USB OTG Features. Use Phone Like Workstation?

  • 2 January 2019
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Im in the market for a new phone, and I think the original Razer phone (not the Razer 2) is starting to look like my best candidate.

I have one major feature I want, but I can't find anything solid on it. I'd like to be able to plug my Razer phone into a dock that lets me give it things like an ethernet connection, USB mouse and keyboard, HDMI video out, external HDD, etc.

Does the Razer phone support any of these features, either one at a time with a specific cable, or several of these over a generic USB C dock, and can you list what docks or cables your using to do it? I know the Razer phone was designed with something called "Project Linda" in mind, which is a laptop dock that also happens to give it most of the features I want. In theory the hardware is built into the phone to support these features, but I have no idea if this is using proprietary programming or even enabled in the OS.

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5 Replies

I have used HDMI/DisplayPort, mouse, keyboard and a usb flash drive via an old lumia dock I had. I haven't tried ethernet.

android on the razer phone 1 works decently with some things, but I would not want to use it as a desktop/laptop replacement unless my laptop aan tablet are both dead and I have to absolutely get something done for work. If android ever got something similar to continuum that the Lumia 950s had, then yes, I would then.
I do believe that confirms what I was hoping for, and its good to know a Lumia dock may work. Probably means they are using non-proprietary or have licensed the tech from Lumia. In either case, it means theres a dock that will do it.

Yeah Android as a workstation is not optimal, having these features available has proven infinitely useful to me in the past though. Both my Shield portable and Toshiba Thrive had these features directly built in, and I don't want to buy a new device that does less than what it's replacing when possible.

Thank you for the assistance! I'd still like to hear what other docks and adapters everyone has been using.
A commenter on Amazon stated his Samsung Galaxy S8 worked with the Lumia docking station.

yeah, unlike the Switch that uses a lesser known standard, Samsung and MS enabled a "desktop" when plugging a USB-C video adapter (Continuum worked fine with any USB-C to HDMI adapter I threw at it, and well). If a "desktop" style mode is not enabled, the the device would just mirror the screen (unless the device uses USB 2.0, then it would use MHL)
Yeah, Samsung made another fair attempt at a workstation, though they also tried to tell me they wouldn't fix my 7 inch tablet because I was American and therefore could afford a newer device. To be fair they didn't use those exact words, but that's what I got from it. They also advertised my tablet had the same specs as the cellular version of said tablet when everything except the screen resolution was inferior to it.

Razer on the other hand sent me a prepaid shipping label to replace my blackwidow ultimate 2016 edition, and pulled up that it had a valid warranty by the serial number when I couldn't locate the original recite. They could have rightfully said I was out of luck, but still covered me. So, I'm leaning toward the Razer phone right now XP