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Razer Raiju Mobile | Conquer on the Go

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The ultimate mobile gaming controller in your hands—level up with the Razer Raiju Mobile. Conquer on the go: http://rzr.to/RaijuMobile

We’ve taken the fan-favorite features of the Razer Raiju Ultimate for PS4 to bring you a mobile gaming experience like no other. Equipped with our signature Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons for lightning fast actuations and crisp tactile feedback—enjoy a console experience on the mobile phone.

Take advantage of the advanced customization options and conquer the battlefield through precise console controls. Individually remap each of the 4 multi-function buttons to unlock combination that take your opponents by surprise. Gain additional control via the adjustable sensitivity clutch levels and a built-in hair-trigger mode for pinpoint responsiveness in any situation.

The new Razer Raiju Mobile—take mobile gaming to the next level: http://rzr.to/RaijuMobile

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Hello, I have seen some Raiju Mobile model #'s ending in R3M1 and some ending in R3U1. Anyone know the difference? Sorry for any cross or double posting, new on this site and unsure of best place to ask, main forum or sub-forum? TIA
I was wondering if anyone uses this controller to play fortnite on there RP2. Wondering about joystick sensitivity in the app and also in fortnite. How do you have yours setup. Thanks.
Has anyone had any issues with there controller not staying on for more then a min. And is anyone having issue with the mobile app not letting you create new profiles? Mine keeps saying connection to server failed. No internet and I have internet.

Does your controller loose connection from time to time with the solid blue light indicator still on?

Yes it is... its not so often though, its about once in an hour or so
Yes it is... its not so often though, its about once in an hour or so

Thanks I was wondering if anyone else's had experienced this. Any other stuff? Mine went crazy stopped working all together then would work and the app wouldn't connect to server. Waiting on RMA now.
So I'm no longer able to add profiles in the mobile app. Says can't connect to server anyone else having this issue? That was part of my problem received my rma today brand new controller still there app doesn't work.