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Samsung Themed Operating System

Hey All,

Sorry for maybe a complete silly question however, I have always been a Samsung user. I have recently bought the Razer Phone 1 as I like the idea of the 120hz and gaming capabilities etc.

My question is though, is there a Samsung "looking: theme other than the basic android interface?
I also run my business off my phone so I really like how my previous setup was on the Samsung and would love to accommodate that to my Razer.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks! 😃

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Your best approach would be to use a Samsung iconset like Aspire UX S9 icon pack and a plethora of KWGT apps that replicate the S9/10 theme. And I would quickly check Google Plus before it closes down next Tuesday for screener setups by searching, '''Aspire UX screener setups'.
Awesome! Thanks mate. will look into that. Thanks for the response! 😃