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Avengers Endgame Reactions

  • 23 January 2019
  • 4 replies

What did you guys think of the Endgame trailer? Do anyone have some theories because i would love to talk about endgame 🙂

Are you hyped for Endgame

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4 Replies

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I will say we will see when movie come up. In most case trailer is not even close to movie ^^
Honestly fairly excited for the movie! I thought the trailer didn't release too much information, but it keeps you guessing for sure. There are so many theories on reddit, had a good read, you should check them out.
I'm excited for the movie! From what I heard, there is supposed to be a new trailer coming out during the Super Bowl so I guess we will just have to wait and see!
will wait a little longer , just voted i dont care for now... however when sh*t gets closer ill be big eyes on the movie. but hey untill then im just not caring at this moment... however spidermans new trailer was interesting and left me more hyped for endgame... haha Mysterio was the highlight for me