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Hey Everyone!

  • 25 July 2020
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Hi Insiders,

I'm Hyperfinity and I am student game developer in training but I love gaming as well. I have decided to build a new PC to do both, and while looking for peripherals I found out about Razer. Long story short, their products absolutely stunned me. The attention to every detail, the individual RGB lighting, all of these amazing features that Razer offers with their products made me decide to join this community and become a part of this. As a student, unfortunately, I cannot afford many of Razers product but I am saving up to buy a few because they look amazing. I hope to be a valuable member of this community and provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas to share.

Thanks Again!

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8 Replies

Hi Hyperfinity
Hi and welcome.
Hi Hyperfinity

Hey there!

Hi and welcome.

Hello! Thank you very much!
Heya, GL with the build!
Heya, GL with the build!

Hi! Thank You! 🙂
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Welcome to the cult! don't forget to ask questions on specific forums about your build!
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Yo welcome to the club!!!
Hey buddy!