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[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

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My name is Shanel and I'm also from Canada! [French part, Quebec, so sorry for my english]
I just recently joined the Razer family with a Kraken Kitty headset I bought last month, and I'm a big fan of the chroma lightning so... I ended up buying an Huntsman + Goliathus Extented 😍 (Currently stalking delivery every two minutes, should arrived on Friday! )
Probably gonna buy a Mamba Elite soon to complete my set up :wink_: (Or wait 190 days to get enough Silvers, haha :frown_:)
Outside of this, I'm spending a lot of time playing League of Legends, ARK, Dead by Daylight and Borderlands sometimes :3
[And I really want to start streaming since I bought the headset for this, but I'm always finding excuses to not do so. :oops:]
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Hey insiders my name is Ecko and I've been a long time fan of razers gear! I've had razer gear since 2019 and its fantastic. Hoping for one day to be a razer streamer and get myself out there. My twitch is OpticalDamage
Hello Insiders! my name is Michael or TheCorf on most social media with a few variations. I am from Greenland but i live in Denmark now. I've had Razer since 2012-2013 when i got my first Razer mouse, the Abyssus that i still remember fondly to this day. right now i have mostly Razer gear with a Deathadder chroma and an Overwatch Edition Blackwidow that i won in last years Razer Advent Calendar for being a featured setup on their Twitter!

Outside of Razer stuff I enjoy everything PC/Hardware related and gaming of course with my current favourite games being Dead By Daylight and Minecraft that I frequently stream on Twitch.
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Hello all my name is Glenn, I go by Gskull Gaming on social media and in game names. I am also from Canada,
I have had Razer gear for 10+ years now. The main games that I play is the Battlefield franchise, some Rainbow Six Siege
and Fortnite.
I am a CAD Designer and I would like to get back into streaming and creating videos for YouTube.