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[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

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Hello Insiders!

If you are reading this, you have likely just joined the community here on Razer Insider, so welcome! We are glad you decided to join us. Please make sure to read the Insider House Rules and Posting Guidelines before you go ahead and start posting 😉.

Whether you are a newer or older user, feel free to introduce yourself in this thread, and get comfortable.

I am Brandon (aka @Jenjar) and I come from Canada. I have been a fan of Razer, and have been involved here on Razer Insider for almost 5 years now, all starting with a Razer Deathstalker and Deathadder 2013. Since those basic green backlit products, I have fallen under the Chroma spell, and eat, sleep and breathe Chroma. Earlier this year I was chosen to become a Razer Vanguard, and so far it has been a great experience contributing to this great community!

Outside of Razer, I also have interests in computers as a whole, exploring the great outdoors and of course, playing video games. Currently, my favorite games are CS:GO, GTA V and Battlefield V.

That is all for me, but now I want to hear from you! Feel free to talk about where you are from, your interests, and anything else you want to mention (as long as it is not too personal).

I hope you enjoy your time on Razer Insider!.

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Hi I'm Mariano midgetGAMING11  I don't currently own any razer products but I am looking into some I have been a fan of razer for many years I stream from my PS as I don't have a pc or laptop I stream a variety of games.

Greetings Insiders!

Just purchased a Blade 16 and am awaiting delivery before the Christmas holiday. I hope this Christmas finds you ALL safe and healthy.


Merry Christmas and here"s to a better 2024!!!

Cheers everyone!

Posting here, from east Canada, on my brand new Blade 14 (2024), which arrived at my door yesterday, and is my first Razer system… or device of any kind, for that matter. I’m a new convert from Asus/ROG, after looking to upgrade from an older Zephyrus G14 to a new one, but noticed they now have soldered RAM…

Hoping for a happy experience in the Razer fold, and well… so far so good, with my machine!

Olo all!


My name is Tulip, I’m in the beautiful Colorado and I like to think I’m a pretty well rounded gamer. I started my gaming interests at the young age of just 5 and it all started with Ocarina Of Time, from that point on I was hooked on em! I enjoy all genres from a FPS to Cozy Cottage I’m there for it and what I’m playing when really depends on the day and mood.

My first Razor product was many, many, many moons ago but this past December is my fist time engaging in the Razor family community. And it’s no joke once you go chorma you can never go back… it lights a colorFULL fire in you that just needs to be fed! 

Aside from gaming I’m also pretty versatile in my interests, I’ve been crocheting and knitting since the age of 9 and make amazing masterful items people are willing to pay pretty high prices for, I absolutely LOVE music and am a vocalist and I’m currently learning to play the ukulele (I am ok at bass tried guitar but I have little tiny baby hands and it didn’t work out well for meh), I enjoy drawing, sewing, hacking (don’t worry I keep that side to Tamagotchis -which I am a huge fan and collector of- lol), gardening, learning languages (currently speak 6 fluently) not for any reason outside of I think language is a beautiful thing, writting, I am a SFX makeup artist (and I’m really friggin good too!), I am a photographer, and I was a tattoo artist for years but gave it up when I had uterine cancer a few years back. Wow that’s not even all of my interests!

You know, I’ve always said and thought I was horrible at writting about mes and I just realized… I really am because man, do I drag on and on!! lol So this is where I’ll leave it.


Hello My name is Alden and I mostly came for razer silver but would love to learn more about this community and possibly find people to play with.

"Hello Insider! I'm a data scientist specializing in [mention your area of expertise or interest, e.g., machine learning, predictive analytics]. Excited to engage with the community here!"