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[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

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Hello Insiders!

If you are reading this, you have likely just joined the community here on Razer Insider, so welcome! We are glad you decided to join us. Please make sure to read the Insider House Rules and Posting Guidelines before you go ahead and start posting 😉.

Whether you are a newer or older user, feel free to introduce yourself in this thread, and get comfortable.

I am Brandon (aka @Jenjar) and I come from Canada. I have been a fan of Razer, and have been involved here on Razer Insider for almost 5 years now, all starting with a Razer Deathstalker and Deathadder 2013. Since those basic green backlit products, I have fallen under the Chroma spell, and eat, sleep and breathe Chroma. Earlier this year I was chosen to become a Razer Vanguard, and so far it has been a great experience contributing to this great community!

Outside of Razer, I also have interests in computers as a whole, exploring the great outdoors and of course, playing video games. Currently, my favorite games are CS:GO, GTA V and Battlefield V.

That is all for me, but now I want to hear from you! Feel free to talk about where you are from, your interests, and anything else you want to mention (as long as it is not too personal).

I hope you enjoy your time on Razer Insider!.

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Hello Gamers,
My Name is Vipul and I have Recently Joined the Razer Community. Pretty noob at Games, Still learning and Playing. Feels good to be a part of this community.
Keep Playing Keep Winning...!
Yo, i am new to the razer community, i have been using razer products for a while, left them behind a few years ago and came back to them with the release of Razer viper ultimate. I am very proud of razer for creating this mouse. 🙂
Hello we are PanemEtCircencesTV

Bread and games, an unpretentious chain created by two friends (Zahour and Frenchibre).

We are both 27 years old and working in IT and project management. The main titles you'll see us on are Overwatch, Rocket League but we also play a lot (but often badly) on a whole bunch of funny/co-op games.

We've decided to launch the channel in September 2020 to share our games, have fun, but also discover our world and learn about video editing.

So would you rather be thrown to the lions' den or get some glory by joining us in the arena,
We think the question is quickly answered.
So join us and have fun! 🙂
i love games
Hello insider! I'm Keith from Singapore. An avid fan of Razer products since 2015 and never regretted since then. Totally in love with the Chroma functions !
Hi my name is Sep i've been using razer products for a while and a long time fans of razer and min liang tan himself
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Heyh everyone, the name's Melvin but I’m also known as Sylar among my friends as well as my alias in the creative industry, but I go by the name RyXen7 on my game accounts(my Razer ID is a combo of all 3 lol). I'm 26 and from Malaysia, working as a Branding Executive tho I'm a film graduate.

Peace, and stay safe Razer fam.
¡Hola, iniciados!

Si estás leyendo esto, probablemente te hayas unido a la comunidad aquí en Razer Insider, ¡así que bienvenido! Nos alegra que haya decidido unirse a nosotros. Asegúrese de leer las Reglas internas y las Pautas de publicación antes de continuar y comenzar a publicar 😉.

Ya sea que sea un usuario nuevo o más antiguo, no dude en presentarse en este hilo y ponerse cómodo.

Soy Brandon (también conocido como @Jenjar ) y vengo de Canadá. He sido fanático de Razer y he estado involucrado aquí en Razer Insider durante casi 5 años, todos comenzando con Razer Deathstalker y Deathadder 2013. Desde esos productos básicos con retroiluminación verde, he caído bajo el hechizo Chroma, y como, Duerme y respira Chroma. A principios de este año, fui elegido para convertirme en Razer Vanguard y, hasta ahora, ha sido una gran experiencia contribuir a esta gran comunidad.

Fuera de Razer, también me interesan las computadoras en general, explorar el aire libre y, por supuesto, jugar videojuegos. Actualmente, mis juegos favoritos son CS: GO, GTA V y Battlefield V.

Eso es todo para mí, ¡pero ahora quiero saber de ti! Siéntete libre de hablar sobre tu lugar de origen, tus intereses y cualquier otra cosa que quieras mencionar (siempre que no sea demasiado personal).

¡Espero que disfrutes de tu tiempo en Razer Insider!.

muy chullo, gracias razeeer
Hi there, Insiders. My name is Zygimantas I am from Portugal, my first item from Razer was "Razer Taipan" mouse that I got 6 years ago, since then I am a fan or razer gear. Believe it or not I still have and use the same razer taipan mouse for daily drive and its working great.

Maybe league of legend skin does not add skill xD, but excellent gaming gear sure does!

Cheers everyone who reads this.
hello guys

gow can i be active member???

Hi I'm Nick aka BizWeldonBluetools832. Username was offered the first time I signed up to Razer to register my first product and I like it because it's hilarious. So thanks Razer for your sense of humor.

I live in Greece and I became part of the gamer cult when I bought my first Razer product in November of last year. It was a Sphex Mini. I already knew back then that Razer makes the best gaming products so I chose to join by getting the most entry level product you can imagine 😅. Then last summer I got a Kraken Pro V.2 with which I'm extremely happy and this November I expanded the set with a Deathadder Elite and a Goliathus Chroma. I plan to get a keyboard to complete the set, the Huntsman Elite.

As for the things I like, I go to the gym and I eat really healthy, I love watching Discovery and History channel documentaries and videos about politics and climate change on Youtube, I love my bicycle and I built my first PC which is my current one on November the 30th. I have a University degree in Environmental Engineering and I'm currently studying to get an M.Sc. in Waste Management.

My favorite games are the Crysis series, the good old Command and Conquer ones (not 4), AoE 1, 2 & 3 and World in Conflict. As for some recent ones I'd say Far Cry 5, Ace Combat 7, CoD MW, Halo MCC. I'm looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite.

se niotho file
hi im new here
Hey everyone! Names Jo, but I go by OishiiNewb in the gaming community! I have been a Razer fan since before I could even remember! I am a small time variety streamer who's looking for advice or tips on growing my community and myself personally!

Check me out at: twitch.tv/oishiinewb
just wanted stop by again and say hi and welcome everyone here, hope you all are having an amazing day
hello i am from tunisia i guess the razer insider's community is awsome where i didn't find any insults or these suff
Hello everyone, my name is uberto aka Ubi_MMC and I come from Italy. I have owned many razer peripherals for many years and I have always been happy with this, I often change the old models with the new ones, also recommending them to my friends and followers.
I am passionate about science and space and in my free time I am a science communicator, I work as a ballistics engineer and logistic manager, I mainly love simulators but I also often play fps like APEX, BF and COD.
I participated in NASA Spaceapps and I write for an Italian HI-Tech site called Geekmag.
Nice to meet you
Hello everyone! I may be "SerenovaPhoenix" here but I'm "Serenova" most other places (Serenova was apparently taken even though I've never owned a Razer product before this year????? Anywho..... )

On top of joining the Razer community, I also am a very crafty person. Crafty in a "making things" kind of way! I know how to Knit, crochet, spin yarn, weave, sew, quilt, cross stitch, and more! My day job is as an apprentice dyer/jack-of-all-trades for an indie yarn dyer.

I live in the Northeast US with my husband and our two cats. I bought my first Razer products this year. The Kraken Kitty headphones (in black) back in June, and I just treated myself for my birthday this month with a Black Widow Elite keyboard (with the green switches - the clicky noises are so satisfying).

I'm also a part time twitch streamer, both on my personal account, and for work - believe it or not, people want to watch others dye yarn or wind mini skeins!

I also love science and am an all around nerd/geek/etc.

Nice to meet everyone!
I got the razer deathadder elite v2 20k dpi and I love it so much, but the Razer Software is the best thing in my PC that I have had. Razer Cortex makes my fps boost and my gameplay way better. Also Razer Synapse makes the RGB LED Lightnings look dope in my setup
I'm Zyr (it rhymes with Sir) and I've been gaming as long as I can remember. Seriously, some of my earliest memories involve playing games on a computer with 5 1/4" floppies with my late dad.

I switched to razer products mostly because I wasn't getting a hell of a lot
hello i'm david or cooneyf i'm from sulphur,la an i'm a gamer like everyone here nice to meet everyone
Hi! I mainly play league of legends and own the entire razer quartz set 🙂
Hello! I am a huge twitch streamer and love playing Destiny 2, Valorant, and story games like Until Dawn. As you can tell I LOVE Razer products haha. I live in New Orleans Louisiana, my favorite color is purple, I like to model and go to the gym a lot. Gaming is a fun hobby for me! Lets connect!
Hi guys!
I'm Sophie - or Scribble, as most people call me on twitch. I'm from Austria and I've been a huge fan of the Razer headsets for years now. Got a new one last month - a Kraken in the Stormtrooper edition - because my trusty old green Kraken was breaking down.

I just got accepted into the RazerStreamer programme and am super excited, because I've only been streaming regularly again since June this year.
Outside of streaming, I'm working on becoming a translator and building up a career as a writer - which I guess, is why I'm particularly fond of games with strong narratives 😃 Favourites include Dragon Age: Inquisition, Destiny 2 (Forsaken still breaks my heart) and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. (Yep, big Star Wars fan over here 😂)
I'm Sasquott, from and live in Scotland, old, feel it, but still love to game!

If you remember where Unreal Engine began, yeah, that old!
Hello, I'm Alex, checking whether I'm required to post something here in order to make a thread in the support forum?

Nope, didn't help. "access denied" when I try to post. What do I have to do to get support on my purchased razer product on an official razer support forum?
Hello im here because i like my razer stuff.