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[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

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Hello, my name is Danny
I'm a computer science student and budding Youtuber from the UK

I love VFX, cinematic games and new technology, and I've been a huge fan of Razer.
I can't wait to explore!
Hello World 😉 I am known as Tasmanian Viking. I live in Tasmania and I do have some Viking heritage, almost like most Europeans. Life long gamer, and have used Razer products for many years.
Thank you so much guys. I'm so much excited to be here. All the best!
Hey - Happy New Year all and looking forward to joining the community. Proud owner of the new Razer Mini-Itx case. Looking forward to building a great rig with support of community 🙂
Hi guys, I am Nikita - living in US, playing TESO,Lineage and CS GO! Hope we`ll get friendly.
my name is Liam and my gamer tag is MossWizard. I'm really into [font="Arial"]Halo[/font] and I'm trying to get good at [font="Arial"]CS:GO[/font]. Other than those two games I also play a bit of GTA V on the side as well as some Minecraft. I am interested in computers and rgb stuff. P.S. I can destroy anyone in Mario Kart

[indent]- BlackShark V2
- Rouge 15" Backpack V3

Other Gear
- Corsair K100 RGB
- Corsair Harpoon Pro Wireless

[indent]- Benq GL2340
- Benq FP73G

PC Specs
[indent]- i7 2600
- Nvidia GeForce GT 610 2 GB
- 16 GB DDR3 1333 MHz[/indent]
hi my name is Alek anbu.cxre and WM.Corupt on most social medias.
Hello, my name is Jomell, from Phillippines, Fan of razer back then when i was a child playing at Compuiter shop,i played any videogame that "IF CAN RUN IT ON MY PC" and "I WANT TO PLAY", you wondering why there's word of IF CAN RUN IT ON MY PC cause my pc is potato but this bad boy is strong.
Hi, I'm Przemek or Awgan, from Poland. I'm .net developer also streamer. Currently i'm preparing to start stream in english
Hello I am LemmingAward new to Razer Insider community but have used Razer products for quite awhile. I stream occasionally on Twitch(same name). Anyways have some good games!
Hello my name is Selvaggia and i from Italy 🙂
Hi everyone, my name is Edrik.
I'm from Malaysia and I have got my first Razer gear in 2020, (Pretty late, I know)
Anyways, I play most of Valorant, GTA V online and still exploring what else there is to play for me.
Feels great to be part of the community. Hope to be able to learn more from y'all.
Hello guys, I am Olppu from Finland. I'm new here. I play mostly with my laptop games called Fortnite, Among Us, Batlefront 2 and Henry stickmin collekction. And... Yes. Have a nice day.
My name is Vítor, I'm from Brazil and born 1998.
I'm a student in Neuroscience and Biotech, and I'm currently researching fear memory, PTSD and stress in rats in the lab I'm part of.
I play mainly strategy and puzzle games and as of 2021 I'm addicted to "Baba is You" - it's so cute and the music is such a jam and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

anyway, being honest, i'm here to earn some silver
but why not learn and make some friends along the way?
Hello madams and mosieurs ! im sipe the avenger, from finland 😉 just really really bad avenger, nothing more 😛 And lol, ill feel like im in a enemy camp, i dont have any razer stuff 😃 just steelseries :=) 😮 but i gonna have new mouse soon.. and headphones.. so i think im gonna buy some razer.. 🙂 i like playing "hot"stuff like RPGs, Diablo serie is my favourite.. Now im playing some divine divinity, waiting to see a beatifull morning, when baldurs gate 3 have landed.. and that is how my life fullfills 🙂



I am S4ge_Rites and i use a Blackwidow V3, Deathadder v2 mini and basilisk ultimate and other things
Hello Insiders!

If you are reading this, you have likely just joined the community here on Razer Insider, so welcome! We are glad you decided to join us. Please make sure to read the Insider House Rules and Posting Guidelines before you go ahead and start posting 😉.

Whether you are a newer or older user, feel free to introduce yourself in this thread, and get comfortable.

I am Brandon (aka @Jenjar) and I come from Canada. I have been a fan of Razer, and have been involved here on Razer Insider for almost 5 years now, all starting with a Razer Deathstalker and Deathadder 2013. Since those basic green backlit products, I have fallen under the Chroma spell, and eat, sleep and breathe Chroma. Earlier this year I was chosen to become a Razer Vanguard, and so far it has been a great experience contributing to this great community!

Outside of Razer, I also have interests in computers as a whole, exploring the great outdoors and of course, playing video games. Currently, my favorite games are CS:GO, GTA V and Battlefield V.

That is all for me, but now I want to hear from you! Feel free to talk about where you are from, your interests, and anything else you want to mention (as long as it is not too personal).

I hope you enjoy your time on Razer Insider!.

Hi. I am Maheshwari. I come from Malaysia. I'm new to Razer. I'm here thanks to a close friend who is a Razer user for a long time. He uses Razer products that I find very impressive. I hope to redeem my own Razer Silver points to purchase an item from Razer soon.

Lots of love,
Awe ma'se kinners!! Wilbur, like Smith here. Or Wilbeer or Wilburforce, which is now my current addy. Wilbur4ce, but changed this year to Wilbur4Oce - because I'm almost a "kak" old ballie that web develop since HTML3 en die begin van CSS. Self-taught during my graphic design and photography (film still) studies. Am now a Creative Logician, dirty nine still, turning uber naughty 4Ocety this year XD

EDIT: Recently shaved my very hairy beard, because well I'm not a "oupa" yet 🙂
Hi, My name is Francheska. Im 22, and i have a Youtube channel called "Lightning's Games" that nobody watches XD. I like the razer's products even tho the prices are expensive. Nice to meet you all!
l got the razer Nari
Yo, I'm Arya 29yo atm, Iranian, gaming since i was a teenager and never left playing. games FTW.
I'm gonna buy Razer Products for the first time, cause I'm goin to start steaming.
c ya laterz
Hi! I'm Alex! You will find me more commonly on Razer Insider as FutureGaming1! I live in London and have been a massive fan of Razer since 2021. I want to have a full Razer Setup one day, and work for Razer. I love to make friends, so if you want to know a little (or a lot) more about me, do comment down below! I started Razer with a Kraken X USB! I currently am thinking of a job and I have just finished secondary school and am about to start university with hopes to become a Lego Designer or a Razer Employee!

C ya along the Razer Road!

Hola razers!!! mi nombre es Hector, en twitch conocido como h3lor. llevo jugando en ordenador desde 1990 y mi primer prefico razer ha sido un mouse Razer Mamba Elite y estoy enamorado de el, sus acabados son impresionantes y su rendimiento expectacular!
espero conoceros a todos! asi que cuando querais hablamos!
Hello, all my name is jack, I go by Lego head on social media and in game names. I am also from the UK,
I have had Razer gear for 10+ years now. The main games that I play are the call of duty franchise, some Rainbow Six Siege & GTA, and Fortnite.
i Am currently streaming on twitch Twitch.tv/islegohead
Hello everyone! I'm happy to be a #RazerStreamer now and be part of this community!