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Random Keys Spamming

  • 6 January 2023
  • 2 replies

I've had my huntsman mini for a year now and have had no issues, recently however I've noticed that sometimes random keys would stop working and then continue spamming itself and then the keyboard would trip and open a bunch of different programs on my PC. I thought my keyboard was faulty after a full year of usage so I bought a new huntsman. SAME ISSUE within the first day of the new keyboard. Is this a synapse issue. (I recently re-installed windows when this happened and even changed the cable) I assume the only possible fix is a new synapse update

2 Replies

I cleaned my laptop with some Lysol wipes I booted it up and now all it does is spam the 8 key whenever I try to press anything. Also some of the letters such as the U key opens this weird console thing whenever I go on chrome(ctrl does the same while in chrome).The 1 key also pressed the 3 key at the same time. I recently updated Dragon Center and finally have access to fan control (not sure why this was not working before) and I thought for light work (streaming and taking notes in class) I would turn off the CPU fan which is the one running constantly. Was wondering if in the long run this could affect the computer.
there are always problems with the razer huntsman mini, including me