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Revolut and Razer Partnership!

  • 6 March 2023
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Hey, how can I suggest to razer start a partnership with Revolut Bank?

I’m customer of both and I believe they could be a valuable partners as Revolut is growing and is also a profitable company, should be a good partnership for Razers customers and Revolut customers!


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2 Replies

Revolut's growth and profitability make it an attractive partner for many companies, and partnering with Razer could certainly provide a number of benefits for both companies' customers. For example, Razer customers could benefit from the added convenience of being able to use their Revolut accounts for payments and transactions, while Revolut customers could gain access to Razer's innovative gaming products and services.

Razer is known for its innovative gaming products, and Revolut has been gaining popularity as a digital banking platform. A partnership between the two companies could benefit both Razer's and Revolut's customers.

You could suggest this partnership to Razer by reaching out to their customer support or social media channels. You could also consider writing an email to Razer's business development team or marketing department with your proposal. In your message, explain the potential benefits of this partnership and how it could enhance the overall experience for both Razer's and Revolut's customers.

It's always encouraging to see customers like yourself taking an active interest in improving their favorite brands. Your suggestion could be the beginning of a successful partnership between Razer and Revolut!