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What Do I do when I'm bored

I'm bored anyone have any suggestion on what to do 😃

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Here's some suggestion for you: There's lots of suggestions in my thread 😜
Razer Insider | Forum - What do you do when you're getting bored?
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We all do what we can do to stay occupied

For me, I still visit Insider forums regularly~~~
My mouse wheel click doesn't work
Watch movies, read books or play games. Watching a movie is one of the easy ways to enhance your mood. You can download many streaming apps such as Cinema HD movie app, Flixoid app, Hulu, or Netflix to watch your favorite content.
I listen to music as it is quite soothing and distracts you from the other fiddly chaos going on around you
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For me when I need something to do I will usually go through my streaming apps and find something to watch, or I will find the English translation of one of my BL's on Wattpad.
My current novels include: Love Mechanics, Love in the Air: Love Storm, Love in the Air: Love Sky, KinnPorsche, Fahlanruk and I recently completed Big Dragon.

As for streaming apps, I use the following (all with paid subscriptions): Netflix. Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, Prime VIdeo, YouTube Premium, GagaOOLala, iQIYI, Viki and WeTV (Tencent Video). I also use MyDramalList every single day to keep track of what I'm currenly watchig, wack of what I've watched in the past and what I plan to watach in the future.
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Cashing endless Goal
At least that is for me. if you are passionate about the game there's always something to do.
for example:
MMORPG / RPG = Leveling, getting better gear, getting a new skill, etc
FPS = Set a new high score in PVP Matchmaking
MOBA = if you are DPS get more and more kill chains and set a new record, if you are tank or healer you can set a new goal such as being number 1 DPS as healer or tank ( support )

Cashing endless goals is just more to it. Have a vision of what's next, Once you reach your goal that way you will always be occupied by your GREED 😃 this is just the way I phrase it xD
Writing novels for example
For example, I often play different games, it is very soothing and relaxing. So games are a good way to calm down and have some rest.
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When I'm bored, I either play or watch a show. It helps to pass the time and get rid of boredom. 

I read all kinds of interesting scientific facts that I had never thought about before. Sometimes I come across some very funny things.