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Axon removed all saved wallpapers

  • 2 April 2023
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Soooo I just updated Synapse and now all my saved wallpapers are gone… Is this intended?


Best answer by Skumevil 20 April 2023, 01:30

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Here’s my versions if it matters...

to the mod, my apologies for the multiple replies that were flagged. I didn't realize until the third didn't go through that there was text in the red box… I thought the page timed out.

Seems like someone is messing with the Axon wallpaper repos. Some wallpapers will download fine at 1080p, some won't download unless I change the resolution to 1440p or 4k. Basically, when you click the add button, it does nothing on some resolutions. Axon itself is also really buggy. Axon will randomly flash my windows background and trigger the nVidia game overlay when it comes back. It's pretty annoying.



Apparently when I installed the beta version the file permissions were corrupt. Which was causing me issues with downloading. Here’s the post where I fixed it.