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  • 29 February 2024
  • 4 replies

Why is my Chroma Goliathus Extended Mat flickering all the time?

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I’ve tried all of the above and still having the same issues for mini keyboard and Chroma Goliathus Mat.

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Do you have any vid how it’s flickering?

Also you can try 3rd party software like openrgb to test if the effects will be OK or not.

I did all of the above and it’s still flickering. Don’t know what else to do. Would it be a software problem within Razer  -- like settings for the mat? Also having the same problem with Razer Mini keyboard (don’t have the problem with keyboard when I unplug). 

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It does on all effects? Have you tried it on another PC or at least different USB port (at least USB 3.0 and above, connect it directly to motherboard).