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  • 29 February 2024
  • 4 replies

Why is my Chroma Goliathus Extended Mat flickering all the time?

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It does on all effects? Have you tried it on another PC or at least different USB port (at least USB 3.0 and above, connect it directly to motherboard).

I did all of the above and it’s still flickering. Don’t know what else to do. Would it be a software problem within Razer  -- like settings for the mat? Also having the same problem with Razer Mini keyboard (don’t have the problem with keyboard when I unplug). 

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Do you have any vid how it’s flickering?

Also you can try 3rd party software like openrgb to test if the effects will be OK or not.

I’ve tried all of the above and still having the same issues for mini keyboard and Chroma Goliathus Mat.