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[CORTEX PC]: Squad Rewards Season 11

  • 14 February 2023
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Hey Insiders, The new season of Squad Rewards is here. Season 11 started at 02:00 UTC on Feb 14. Come and join us on this special day.

PRIZES Maximum Prize Pool 5 million Razer Silver if we hit 100,000 players.

VOTE TO WIN EVENT 1.2 million Razer Silver

TIMELINE ENTRY PERIOD: Feb 14 – Feb 27 UTC, for you to join and invite friends to squad up.

COMPETING PERIOD: Feb 28 – March 13 UTC, for you to play the supported games with your squad, win gameplay hours, and compete for Silver prizes.

POST SEASON: March 13 04:00 UTC – March 14 04:00 UTC, for you to vote for game character(s) with your leftover gameplay hours.


  • Sign up for the competition with your Razer ID. Download Razer Cortex PC, sign-in with your Razer ID, and join the competition under the "REWARDS" tab.
  • Gather up to 3 friends to squad up.
  • Play any games on the SUPPORTED GAMES LIST and win gameplay hours.
  • Compete for Silver prizes.

In the new season, we've added more than 30 new games to the SUPPORTED GAMES LIST, including Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Space, Hi-Fi RUSH, Undisputed, and more. Get playing, get competing! Don’t miss out on it. If you are new and want to know more about the competition, please visit our FAQ page: https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/faq

Note: Season 11 is only available on Razer Cortex 10. If you're using Razer Cortex 9, please upgrade here: https://rzr.to/RazerCortex.

9 Replies

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Here We Go Again
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Lets the game begin :)
Good luck 😃
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Cool :wink_:
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Signed up! Super excited ❤
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Here we gooooooo ladies and gents. Good luck to all
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again and again
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Need 1 more member with all their time (16 hours as of now). Please join up!



Why aren’t there many good games available for Squad Rewards? I see mainly FPS games, MMORPGs, WRPGs, Sports games, fighting games, and tons of PvP games, but almost nothing that I play. Bloodstained, Infernax, Axiom Verge, Freedom Planet, the Messenger, Iconoclasts, Castlevania Collections, Mega Man Legacy Collections, 9 Years in Shadows, I don’t see basically any platformers on there and that is primarily what I play; no Against the Storm or Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV as far as strategy games go, no Star Trek Online for the MMORPG category. When will Razer expand the list of games to include platformers and more diverse (Non-Paradox, non-Civ) strategy games and/or classic games? I haven’t even ever heard of a lot of the qualifying games, and some like PSO2 have no playerbase anymore while others like Runescape are decades old. I just don’t get it.


If Infernax, Bloodstained, Against the Storm, and STO qualified I could add as many hours as even the most hardcore gamers here.

MY razer Cortex code is