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[Cortex PC] Squad Rewards Season 4

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There are many of us who are certain that this was intentional on Razer's end, and that they were sure nobody would catch them. Problem is, they've done this time rigging enough in past seasons that (it turns out) SEVERAL teams decided to screen cap their times for posterity this season. No, RAZER is manipulating a contest, and this is exactly why my reports went where they did.

I am disgusted by Razer's inability to hold up their side of the bargain. To see CarelessCrispr & Crew's hours be wrongfully revoked in such a careless manner, should sew a deep distrust in Razer's ability to deliver fair contests with its consumer base even when we already dedicate so much of our money to investing into their equipment, hardware, and software. I am deeply ashamed of Razer and this contest should rightfully have gone in favor of groups like his whom fairly engaged in the contest and rightfully earned every last hour and minute of playtime.
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We are excited about our new Squad Rewards program and are heartened to see so many gamers participating.

Due to the high number of users, our servers suffered temporary performance issues, particularly during the UTC 3:40 - 4:00 am time frame on Dec 23, 2020, which resulted in some accumulated gameplay time not correctly reflecting in Razer Cortex PC.

To address this, we applied a fix that corrected all impacted users' data on our servers. All users’ gameplay time records should match the server logs, and all accumulated gameplay time was is now displayed correctly after the fix. Users affected by the issue have been granted the time lost during the issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank those who have flagged this to us. The feedback of our passionate community members will help us to optimize our services and to ensure a smooth and fun gaming experience for everyone.