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[CORTEX PC] Squad Rewards Season 6

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I play for more than 4 hours a day and I'm looking for a team
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Hey Insiders!

Hope you enjoyed Squad Rewards Season 6 and scored some prizes!

Thank you for your support in Squad Rewards thus far. We look forward to introducing more features and improvements for you to play better.

Shout out to @WIWSYY, @ethelbrigita, and @ItzRaized for your valuable contribution in helping us troubleshoot gameplay issues in Season 6. Look out for our PM this week for your Silver bounty for your help!

Your support means everything to us and we encourage all users to provide feedback and share your logs if you encounter any gameplay issues.

Take care, and see you in Season 7 soon!

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got 100k silvers

Nice, congratulations 🐍