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[Cortex - PC] Squad Rewards Season 8

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Hey Insiders,

Squad Rewards Season 8 is coming at you with over 10 million Razer Silver to celebrate its first anniversary!

The new season has the biggest prize pool yet, set at 9 million with over 900 sets of prizes in total. Got eyes on the grand prize? Good news! There will be 30 sets of grand prizes up for grabs!

But we're not done! 180 keys are on the way for the Game Key Giveaway event.

Spread the word and team up now. We will increase the maximum pool prize to 9 million Razer Silver if we hit 100,000 players.

You know the drill:

  • Gather up to 3 friends.
  • Download Cortex: PC, sign in with your Razer ID's and set up your squad.
  • The competition will be starting soon - stay tuned for more info!

Join now: Razer Cortex PC Squad Rewards - Competition
Redeem rewards with Razer Silver The New Razer Gold & Silver

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Yeah!! Here we go again.
What worn with you
Porque no esta disponible en mi Pais el juego Brain Quest 3 es uno de los juegos paid to play
Yes sir lets go
Yeesss Nice
oh yeah :wink_:
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Yeah!! Here we go again.

Well, how did it go?